How To Create A Conversation With God

How To Create A Conversation With God

Start a conversation with God today. His waiting for you.

13 May 2020

Come on, you cannot say God is not a good listener. Communication is a particularly important part of our daily lives. You cannot be in the world and not communicate with the people around you.

Regular communication with your family, loved ones, friends and many more is an essential part of our lives. The ability to do this shows an incredible sign of affection and love.

The scripture above is so simple, yet powerful. God is ever ready for anyone who calls him in truth. No excuse can be legit for not seeking God’s help and support.

The generation we are in now makes life more complex. We are all blessed with talented people, to help and support, yet we are not using this to our advantage. We rather complain, make up stories and hope we never get caught.

God is waiting for you. Lord almighty knows. So, get close to God, he is ever ready to accept you in his arms. Do not worry about what they say. You have a living God, who created the heavens and earth.

I wish to remind you of God’s glory in your life. We feel guilty and sad because of what we have done in the past. The feeling is fine but do not dwell on it too much, because we cannot go back in time to change our past.

We all have been forgiven, for the pain, we caused, hurt we caused, planned, and unplanned things beyond our control. All these and many more can be holding us back. Jesus came for us, who has fallen and weakened by these past wrongdoings, but God is calling you and his ready for you. Do not allow your past sins and mistakes to hold you back from receiving what you are entitled, as a child of God.

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Dear God, you have made all things so easy for me, yet I am struggling. It is not easy to let go of the pain I feel, though I know I have also caused pain to others. I will, however, do as you have instructed us to do. Come to you and seek you in truth. Thank you for making it easy for me Lord.

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