Smart Ways To Do Something Great (The Right Way)

Smart Ways To Do Something Great (The Right Way)

Understand that, we are under the Lord’s covering.

10 May 2020

Allow Peace Stay

What a world! We are living, hoping, and praying to arrive at our destination. God is cheering for us. Remember he sent his son here. Jesus knows how we are coping.

The Scripture above, mentions some of the things, God expects from us. It is a tough list. We must remember Jesus came to this world and know-how that feels. In short, I am saying to you, the above can be achieved.

We are the image of God. I know I am blessed, with his knowledge and understanding. We can not say, the request made by God to us, is impossible.

We all have the strength, the power and the faith to carry out the task above. Many people have stepped on your tones, lied, disgraced you, and many more. God’s instructions stay the same. It is imperative to stay in line with God and his word, we must show and do what he says.

How will you win a soul, when you react to every negative thing done to you?

God knows, so you can follow his instructions. You have stepped on a tone too, you must, show Love to others, no matter what.

Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the name of the Master, Jesus,

The scripture above, is a clear detail of our expectations as children of God. Many reasons will stop you but endless reason will empower you to do good, care, support, and willingness to always be there for a friend, loved ones, colleagues, neighbour or just the guy or girl that you met on your way to exercise, who tripped and you knew the action to take but ignored.

It is important, we stay on the word of God. No long explanations just do as God says. You will reap your reward.

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Dear God, thank you for giving me clear instructions of your expectation of me. God, it is extremely hard, I worry and do not know what to do. I want to follow your word. God please, help me to do this as you want me to.

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