One Thing I Wish I Knew About Memorising Scriptures

One Thing I Wish I Knew About Memorising Scriptures

Matthew 6:33

I love this scripture, and I will always. It simply defines my heart and desire for God’s work. The importance of being righteous also displayed in this scripture.

 I see it this way:


It means to me, asking God first. Put Him first and foremost. If God is at the rightful place in our lives, we will not think twice about seeking advice from elsewhere.  If he’s not, that is where we forget and do our own things, which never ends well. Regardless of the situation, be it good or bad, the things of God must be positioned at the rightful place, which is FIRST! The amazing part is, it saves us a lot of stress and heartache, when you know who is handling your stuff.

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Romans 8:1


Romans 8:1, I love this scripture; do you know why? The truth is we face a lot of negative comments, each day no matter our stand in the situation, people will do what they want to do, regardless! Human beings are quick to judge always, forgetting they are not holy themselves.
This is what we all need to know and hold on too. Secure your stand in Christ Jesus. If you have asked God to forgive you, then that is it. You do not need to explain yourself to anyone else.

I also love this scripture because, I stand for peace and in order to gain that you need to be confident in your newfound love, in Christ Jesus.

Do not allow anyone tell you otherwise. Check your motive, if it’s right and God who knows all things, is aware of your heart, then you must never feel guilty and when you do remember this scripture.

If you are in Christ, you are a new creature.

We can be new in Christ and not follow him, that’s is why is very important we seek the truth from God.
Who walk not after the flesh but the spirit.
God gives us commands but he always follows up with an instruction of how to.

A powerful leader and father. So kind, caring and always looking out for us. What else do we need? I have it all, we are blessed. Join the crowd, his waiting for you.

This method makes it easy for me, to memorize scriptures. You can pick two a month, as your GO-2 and learn it by heart. It can help you greatly. Find out why.

Dear God, I am sorry for listening to others and not you. I have not been a good child, because I now know I have replaced you in my life. Forgive and give me the wisdom to know and seek you better, the next time I need advice. Aman.

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