What You Needed To Know About JEHOVAH (Who Made You)

What You Needed To Know About JEHOVAH (Who Made You)

Understanding your rights, as a child of God.

12 May 2020


Jehovah will watch over your coming in and you’re going out. The Lord will take care of you. God will protect you. The Lord will love and lead you to the right path.

We are facing serious times in our lives right now. No one can tell us what to expect or even do. The media adds to the fear we face.

How do you and I live in a world like this?

Psalm 121:8, is an assuring message from God, telling his children, his plans for us. I will urge you to stay positive. Belief in the word of God. God is able to do all things. The Lord knows all the uncertainty we face. The word of God stays the same, regardless of what happens.

Take a deep breath, embrace the word of the Lord. Trust, and start enjoying the privileges you have, as a child of God. No matter what, you are blessed and it is forevermore.

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Dear God, Thank you for assuring me with your word today. I will try my best to believe in all that the word of God says, help me to understand and gain the wisdom you wish for me. Amen.

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