The One Thing My Father Told Me About Honesty

The One Thing My Father Told Me About Honesty

My understating of Honesty

As a child of God, which requires us to live a righteous life, many or most are struggling with living a lifestyle that is truthful and honest.

It’s is essential to become, an honest and truthful person. I know it is hard, but we must try and keep trying. Yourself and the people wrong should know and testify your integrity.

The benefits of becoming honest, are a positive thing, it improves your quality of life, saves you from troubles, less worry, and less constantly thinking of what to say next (lie). Your relationships are people, be it family friends, love once’s, colleagues, and even strangers.

God knows, and he promised his blessings to us when we abide by him.
Human beings cannot offer anything, ensure you do not allow a mere human like yourself, dictate for you.

Remember God loves you regardless.

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Dear God, thank you, I know fully what I need to do so I do not lose you. I am going to do my best to be truthful and honest always from now onwards!

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