Why I Call Mothers Heroes

Why I Call Mothers Heroes

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Today, around the world mothers are being celebrated. The unprecedented number of times these heroes are always ready to leave whatever they are doing to come to our aid, it is truly amazing.

I call them HEROES!

Perfect name because people do not see the struggles of their hero’s but only see them in action. The ability God has given to these walking super hero’s are simply amazing. The level in which they can take and control all that life throws at them is extraordinary.

The real Gem

Today is set aside for all of you, the mothers and potential mothers, it is your day, simply enjoy and do not feel guilty for it. Incredible human beings, with a touch button of “I am always ready” and “on the go.”

We celebrate you all, you inspire us to do better, you are all fantastic. You all make motherhood look easy, though we know it is not.

Thank you for the care, support, Love, motivation, and inspiration. We are simply nothing without you. A real gem you all are. Thank you all! We appreciate you all! You are all simply the best!

A prayer for the Heroes

Dear God,

Thank you for all the mothers and potential mothers out there. God grant them all forgiveness of sins.

Lord pave a way for them in their lives, grant them all, the desires of their heart. Favor them in all their ways. Show them your love and protection. Let your light shine on then always. Amen

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