What I Found Out About Mustard Seed: The Essential

What I Found Out About Mustard Seed: The Essential

Mustard seed, the smallest of the seeds.

Hello, if you are into plants, you will know it needs, certain vital essentials to grow. In the same way, our faith needs, essential things to grow and become the God factor idea.

How do we grow our faith then?

Let us go on a journey.

To Care is a choice

Why am I saying this?  No action or steps can be manifested without an initial thought. Decisions are made daily, at times without even knowing it. I decide when I want to marry, eat, bath, pray and the list is endless. We make decisions always!

My point is, to care for anyone is a decision. Do not tell yourself otherwise. No one can make or convince you to do what you do not want to do. No one can force you, to take the first step in building your faith, planting your seed. Do you care to know God? The decision is entirely up to you.

Decide to commit

Any type of relationship needs commitment, without this, I am sorry to say it will never work. Love alone is not

enough. But how do you commit, when you are, at the honeymoon stage? Or the beginning of sowing the seed?

A Decision must be taken. A choice must be identified. Once you have done the above, you set goals on how to achieve them. How? You spend time with God, the same way you do with your spouse, family, friends, and more. Give God attention, from sunrise to sunset let God feel you want and have decided to commit. The same way, seed will start to arise, growing up to the sun.


We drink water, so we do not get dehydrated. Water is important, water sustains our Life. what about our faith?

1. We must identify God’s voice, his calm and gentle voice.

2. We must listen, ready to do what God asks us to do.

3. He can also send messages through family, friends, and loved ones.

4. Obviously it is hard to hear God’s voice at times because of life’s issues but if you really want to hear and know his voice, you must give him your time.

Studying and Learning

1. The only way to acquire knowledge on subjects is to study and learn.

2. With God, you make time to read and study the Bible, that is the only way to know God for yourself.

3. Faith is important, because the God we are referring too, none of us know him, therefore, studying and learning new things on faith and about God, can broaden our wisdom, to build up solid foundation of God. If you learn and study more about the seed, the likelihood of planting a successful seed is exceedingly high. We must do the same for God. So, in case you are questioned on God and your faith, you can explain yourself more and high chance of winning a soul.


Those in hot countries are friendly, I know this, because I have experienced it. I said it is because they are enjoying the sun. Sunshine brightens your day. Makes you see clearer, therefore produces a good feeling.

Allowing the sun to shine on the seed, helps the roots to deepen well, allowing a better growth. It is the same with God and our faith in him. Attach yourself to people and crowds that will make a positive impact in your, to help ease your walk with God.

What about Weed?

If you do not weed, your plant will be choked. It will not grow well. So, these are negative thoughts and self-doubts. Weed your plant, so you do not allow negative ideas in your thoughts.

If you start to suffer and cannot cope, it is essential to find someone, like a pastor with more advanced knowledge to help. same way, if you notice your pant is not growing well, get a professional gardener to help if you cannot do it yourself, in order to have a perfect and beautiful tree or fruits.

Negative thoughts are so dangerous, and it can come from anywhere, so do not entertain such thoughts, and be aware of your environments.

Make sure weed out, a tug. Make sure you kick out the tiniest idea of negative thoughts. It is a small seed, and it can move mountains, therefore of you are aware of the problem fast, it will make a great deal.

Have you Feed?

Yes, Prayer! That is what we need to do daily. Let prayer become your hobbies, let it become your habit always. I like praying because, it gives me peace, also helps to forget, or lose interest in my worries.  I feel confident, knowing God is hearing me.

The benefits of praying are endless, the ability to know God, for yourself. My relationship with God, becomes stronger and unbreakable. The more you spend time with someone, the easier it is to fall in love with the person.

Listen, Follow, and enjoy the benefits that comes with the promises of God.

Stay under the shield of the LORD.

His waiting … JOHN 3:16

celebrate, earth, nature

Acceptance prayer … dear God, I am willing and ready to accept you as my father and Lord, take over, take control over my life, please write my name in the book of LIFE.

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